Thursday, 18 April 2013

watercolour diy: "love your city"

As you might remember from this watercolour diy, I am seriously in love with watercolours!
I've always loved all the "love your city" artwork that's all over etsy and pinterest, so I decided to put a watercolour spin on it and do one of good old Edmonton, Alberta. And yes, I'm well aware of how boringly shaped my province is, but hey what can ya do!

If you need any tips on how to use watercolour paint, make sure to check out my watercolour stencil art DIY for a list of helpful hints!
Supplies Needed:
watercolours, good paint brushes, watercolour paper, cup of water, tape, cut-out of your city, cut-out of a little heart, eraser, and a sharpie

1. Print & cut out a map of your province / state / country.
2. Trace your map onto your watercolour paper.
3. Take your cut-out little heart and place it over the city where you live. 
4. Begin painting! I kept mine very simple and stuck with only yellow and a smidgen of orange to make an ombre effect. I picked yellow because Alberta's prairie fields turn golden =) 
5. Once your watercolours have dried, take an eraser and erase the lines from your tracing as much as you can.
6. Add a little note at the bottom with sharpie that says: "Home is where the heart is"

p.s. ♥ clara


  1. This is lovely, you have gorgeous handwriting.. swoon!


  2. I love the ombre look! Nice job!

  3. you seriously have the best handwriting...sooo jealous!

    1. haha I know right?
      UGH! Clara why are you so adorably talented?

  4. This is so gorgeous! I would really love to try this! Pinning!! xx. McKenna Lou

  5. I love this! I live in AB too and you did a great job! I've pinned this idea and hope to try it soon. Thanks!! Nicole

  6. Oh I'm going to do this! We are in AB too:) more north west:)


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