Sunday, 6 October 2013

outfit post: sometimes simple is best

Sometimes simple is best.

I feel like this outfit is a combo of my absolute favorite basics in my closet right now.  There's my insanely comfy and soft chambray shirt, a cream lace top, and my fave skinnies at the moment.  And of course a pair of oxfords.  Kind of in love with them.

Also, if you think you see a bit of a sunburn on my chest...the answer is yes.  Our pumpkin and apple farm is crazy busy during the Fall, and I'm working outside everyday.  I'm learning the hard way that you can get burned even when on a cloudy, coolish day!  Blurgh.

 chambray, lace top, skinnies: aeo // bracelet: handmade by a friend // birdcage necklace: diy by me // oxfords: spring

Also, it's raining in these photos.  I know you can't really tell, except that's what those little flecks in my hair are (not dandruff...haha).  Hello Fall in the Fraser Valley I guess?  We've been alternating hot sunny days (today hit 24 degrees!), with overcast drizzly days....and it will likely just get colder and wetter as the weeks go by.  One nice thing about it is the lighting is nice all day!  Look on the brightside, right?

Hope you all had wonderful weeks!

p.s.   kelsey 


  1. I like your outfit;) You look so beautiful;)

  2. Cute outfit! I agree, sometimes simple is best! You look amazing in red lipstick!
    Sincerely, Sara

    1. thanks so much! I'm trying to wear lipstick more often ;) but it can be a bit terrifying!

  3. Simple works. And this outfit definitely works :) I love that shirt AND I'm pretty sure I have the exact same pair of shoes ;P


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