Sunday, 30 September 2012

weekly wrap-up: shakespeare and music

What an insanely full week I've had!  Last weekend was full to the brim with fun things...and the weekdays full of presentations, projects and class debates!

My lovely roommate (Rochelle) and I were able to attend Bard on the Beach: Taming of the Shrew last week...and it was incredible!  Bard on the Beach is an annual Shakespeare Festival which takes place at Vanier Park (on the beach) in Vancouver.  It's absolutely one of my favorite venues, as the stage is open to the elements, creating an amazing backdrop of the ocean and mountains!

We had way too much fun!

On a not so great note....this is what our front door currently looks like.  Our apartment is getting a face lift, which means = new stucco, new windows, new doors, and new storage units.  But it also means a lot of zig-zagging around construction workers, lumber, and metal fences!  We are very much looking forward to when this is all over!

Here I am being a weirdo...this is how I eat my salted caramel fraps.  Please don't judge me.  I just like being able to taste all the delicious caramly and salty goodness before it all dissolves...

Jordyn and I got to see Tegan and Sara in concert last week....and we had fantastic time hanging out beforehand, eating good food, and enjoying great music!

p.s. ♥ kelsey

Saturday, 29 September 2012

outfit post: lace and oxfords

dress: Wet Seal // shoes: Shine

In case you hadn't noticed yet, us girls at ps<3 really really like lace.  A lot.
Some might call it an obsession, but I call it true love.

Now this dress has an interesting story.  Me, Jordyn and our friend Ashley were down in the States on a back-to-school shopping trip when we spotted this dress.  It was love at first sight....for ALL of us.  We all promptly headed to the dressing room to try it on, giggling the whole time.  Low and behold, despite our different body types, this dress fit us all perfectly!

Now, to be fair, Jordyn did get it in we're not all matching ;)

This dress has so many things I love, all wrapped up into one item of clothing.  I just adore the sweetheart neckline, the lace overlay...and I LOVE the keyhole back.

And these shoes were a steal of a deal at a local shop near my house, and I thought they were the perfect addition to my fall wardobe of tights and dress!

September has been absolutely beautiful...but I really can't wait for Fall to start!

p.s. ♥ kelsey

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

tasty tuesday : nutella crumb bars

I have a confession to make... I have an unhealthy love for nutella. Nutella on sandwiches, bananas, strawberries, crepes, cookies, and just on its own by the spoonful. Seriously, this stuff is so good. So, when I stumbled across this recipe, I HAD TO TRY IT. & let me tell you, it was probably the best decision I made all week!  (& yes... I have 2 jars of nutella at home right's that bad)
{  i  n  g  r  e  d  i  e  n  t  s  } 

1 1/4 cups quick-cooking oats
2 cups all-purpose flour
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup butter (softened)
1/2 tsp salt
2 cups of Nutella

optional : raspberry jam

{  i  n  s  t  r  u  c  t  i  o  n  s  } 

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. 

Mix together the oats, flour, brown sugar and salt. 

Add in softened butter & mix well. Set aside 1 & 1/2 cup of this mixture for the topping.

Grease a 9x13 baking dish. Press the topping (MINUS the saved 1 & 1/2 cup!) into the bottom of the pan. Spoon the nutella over the crumb mixture. 

*optional* Spread a thin layer of raspberry jam on top of your nutella. I did this for half my batch just to experiment and it turned out absolutely wonderfully! The raspberry adds a lovely extra sweet tartness to the bar that I fell in love with.

Top with the remaining crumb mixture.

Bake for 35 minutes or until the crumbs on top are golden. 

&&& ENJOY!

Top this treat off with a tall glass of milk, don't tell your friends, and eat it all. I mean it. Do not share this, you will regret it! ;) ....Juuuust kidding, go share this with everyone and become everyone's new best friend.
They'll love you, I promise.

Om nom nom. 

p.s. ♥ clara

Sunday, 23 September 2012

weekly wrap up: moustaches and kittens

So this week, like Kelsey, I received a surprise package in the mail! I almost never get mail, so I was extremely excited to open it.  

It was from Miss Clara!  Wishing me a happy belated moustache birthday!

Like Kelsey said, Clara is amazing at handwriting different fonts.  I am always blown away by the beauty of her notes and cards.  She included an adorable birthday card, and some moustache related school supplies as well as an inspirational Bible verse.

Everything was so cute, and really thoughtful!  I really appreciated everything that went into this gift!  So thank you Clara.

Something exciting that happened this week was that we finally got to see the kittens that have been living in one of our barns.  They are super adorable!

When school started up again I decided to go out and by myself a little present.  I was at Winners when I saw this teapot and I just couldn't help myself.  I texted Kelsey about it and her response was "Set down the teapot and step away."  But when I told her it was only $5 she approved!

And this is my favourite tea infuser!  My mom and I have a love for all things owl, so just to be nice one day she brought home a cute tea infuser with an owl weight. I love it so much, it always keeps the chain of the infuser from falling in my hot tea!

Hope everyone had an awesome week!

p.s. ♥ jordyn

Saturday, 22 September 2012

outfit post : last days of summer

Yes, yes, I is actually the first day of fall. But the weather here in Edmonton has been soo wonderfully lovely that I'm having a hard time thinking summer is actually over!
So here it is, my last summery outfit post of the year.
cardigan : my mama's closet =]   |   tank top : american eagle  |   shorts : forever XXI   
& this lovely snitch necklace is from a dear friend of mine...isn't it just wonderful?!

Happy 1st day of fall and so long sweet summer!

 ♥ clara

Thursday, 20 September 2012

diy: anchor bracelet

Now I've been seeing anchor bracelets, rings, necklaces, tattoos, designs, etc. EVERYWHERE this past summer.....especially on pinterest (surprise!).  I fell in love, and knew that it would only be a matter of time before I found the supplies to make my very own bracelet!

I found these lovelies on etsy, and I bought a mix of silver and brassy/gold coloured anchor charms.  I've made two bracelets so far....and I can't wait to brainstorm new ideas for the rest!

Now all you need for this diy is some sort of cord (I used coloured suede that I found at Michaels on sale), and an anchor charm (which I found on!

1) First I measured the cord to go around my wrist twice, and then added on a bit more so I would be able to tie a knot easily at the end of it.
2)  Then I folded the cord in half, and looped the midpoint over the anchor.
3)  Next I grabbed the two loose ends, and pulled them through the loop, creating a knot.
4)  Then I snipped one end on an angle, so that I could easily thread it through the loop on the anchor charm. (my suede was a little bit big, and was a little tough to get through the end of the in the future I'll be on the look out for slightly skinnier cord!)
5)  Finally, slide it on your wrist, pull the cord tight, tie a knot (not too tight if you want to be able to take it on and off), and trim the ends.

Voila!  You're done.  I just tucked the loose ends underneath the bracelet, and it was good to go!

I've also seen these done with a clasp in the middle of the cord...which would be more convenient for taking it on and off.  I didn't have one in my craft box, and was too impatient to wait to buy if any of you try that version out, let me know how it goes!

I hope you enjoyed this little pinterest inspired, nautical-themed diy!

p.s. ♥ kelsey

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

a sweet surprise

Paranoid Kelsey is paranoid....which resulted in blurring out the address to be safe. hah!

99% of the time when I check my mail in Vancouver it's disappointing.  Junk mail, bills, and some more junk mail.

But sometimes, just sometimes, there will be a letter for me....or even better, a note for a parcel!
This was the case on Monday, and I basically ran to the post office to pick up this mystery parcel....and then promptly skipped/sprinted all the way home so I could open it.

As you can tell from the above was from Clara!
(I loved her note to the post(wo)man...too cute!)

And the note on the inside cracked me up! the internet will judge you Clara!
(But mostly they will be jealous that they didn't receive this package!)

Clara basically crammed everything I love inside this package...and it made me a bit teary opening it.  She's such a dear friend to me, and we've been in a "long-distance friendship" for much too long!  This made me miss her so much....but brought so much joy to my heart.

The card even had macaroons on it!  We attempted macaroons for the first time last Christmas...and we both love how beautiful and delicate they are!  Hopefully we'll be trying them again in the near future...and perhaps they'll pop up in a tasty tuesday.

This girl seriously has the best handwriting!  I'm so jealous of her ability to whip out 10 different fonts without batting an eyelash....she's so talented, and this card was so pretty!

Bahaha...these cookies made me laugh!  But I happily munched on them while going through everything else!
(And they were coconut flavored!  One of our greatest shared loves!)

Next is Sherlock Holmes; the Complete Guide to the World's Most Famous Detective.  We're both obsessed with the Sherlock (books, bbc, robert downey jr....ahem, yeah.), and I can't wait to read this!  And she included the prettiest book plates...and one is already at home in the front of the Sherlock book!

And tea!  Now I know I'm not the biggest tea drinker, but now that I'm a fan of iced tea...doors are slowly opening. haha.  I can't wait to try this one out!

Now this is the most adorable little camera I've ever seen...and it even makes a shutter clicking sound and flashes!  It's a wonderful addition to my keychain (which also features Ronald Weasley, a black kitty, and the TARDIS....I'm a nerd, what can I say?).

I'm a HUGE fan of Clara included a small to-do list just for me! haha.  It was hilarious...and hopefully I'll be checking everything off soon!  Especially the plane ticket purchase!

I am so so thankful for your friendship Clara!  And am so incredibly blessed to have you in my life.  I love you so much...and will see you SOON!  I promise <3
p.s. kelsey ♥
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