Wednesday, 18 December 2013

diy bacon mandles (aka. candles for men)

A few weeks ago, Caleb and I were trying to come up with creative White Elephant gift that we could make when he suddenly had the craving for... you guessed it, bacon. Which led to the brilliant idea of, why don't we make our Christmas gifts this year bacon related?

So I present to you, the Bacon "Mandle"! The product of a hungry man, several pounds of bacon, and the time pressures of trying to figure out a fun diy Christmas gift. It really does smell like bacon.
What you need:  bacon. more bacon. and then some bacon grease...
and candle wax, wicks, some glass jars, and pencils.

1. Cut up your bacon into small pieces and start cooking away!
2. Tie your piece of wick to a pencil and balance it in the middle of your glass jar.
3. Drain you bacon and keep the grease.
4. Melt your candle wax (I used this method from our mason jar candle diy)
5. Pour your wax into your jars. Mix in approximately 1/3 of the size of your jar with bacon grease and throw in pieces of bacon as well.
6. Let cool, then cut off any excess wick. 
7. Enjoy the awesomeness that is your Bacon Mandle!

To make our bacon mandles more festive, I tied some Christmas string around the lid and also whipped up a tag in Photoshop to attach to our candles, which I've posted   =)  I'm not gonna lie, they're pretty awesome and made pretty popular gifts.

The Bacon Mandle:
candles for real men and women who love bacon.
made with real bacon and real love.

you're welcome.

p.s. ♥ clara 


  1. Can I say. You're a great package: pretty & genius all in one! Pretty genius to shorten ;)

  2. Won't these go rancid quickly? Most recipes I've seen say to filter the grease through coffee filters. Yours look super fancy though!


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