Sunday, 2 February 2014

outfit post: my winter uniform

So...this is what I basically wear every day in winter, as long as it's not raining.  Although it does rain a lot here in the Pacific Northwest, so swap out my red coat for my rain coat, and you have my average outfit for the rest of the time.

I just love that a statement coat, a nice pair of jeans, and a good pair of boots is so so simple, and yet you look nice and put together.  I really like no fuss outfits.

Also, this coat is my favorite.  Totally one of those clothing items that gets compliments from total strangers.  I love it.

red coat: plenty // jeans: aeo // socks: urban outfitters // boots: steve madden // toque: foreverxxi

Umm...about the snow.  These photos were taken in Whistler a couple months ago, definitely not here in Abbotsford.  I'm a procrastinator, what can I say?

p.s. ♥ kelsey


  1. I own a light red jacket that I wear in the Fall--such a pretty statement color for a coat!

  2. I love your jacket, and Whistler!

  3. You girls are adorable and I love your blog and I want to come hang out so we can be friends. Deal?

    1. aww...shucks, you are so sweet! and deal! let's hang out and make some awesome food together ;)


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