Monday, 23 April 2012

diy : polishing silver & vanity displays

Isn't the change remarkable?! 
& the best part of this DIY mini-project is that the whole process requires 
NO SCRUBBING, and it takes less than 5 minutes!!

All you need for this project is: baking soda, aluminum foil & hot (boiling) water. 

Grab a bin/large bowl (or use your sink, depending on the size of your silverware) and line the bottom with aluminum foil. Then add in a couple tablespoons of baking soda and fill the bin with hot water. 
Drop in your silverware (I picked up my pieces from a thrift store for a couple bucks each), make sure it's touching the aluminum foil, and VOILA! Watch as the magic unfolds right in front of your eyes!!

 As sad as it sounds, I honestly did sit mesmerized as all the stains disappeared within seconds. 
I just couldn't believe I didn't have to scrub, rub, scrape, or do anything!

Once your silverware is sparkling clean, give it a good rinse and rub down 
then doll it up and use it on your vanity to display jewelry & perfumes. 

Below, I have my three all-time favourite fragrances:
Daisy by Marc Jacobs
Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden 
Bright Crystal by Versace

Happy silver polishing! :)

ps: clara ♥ 


  1. Love it Clara! You are a great inspiration!! Can't wait to see more.

  2. Great work, Clara! Soooo lovely! I love your style.

  3. daamn! what a great tutorial! thanks for sharing and pretty pics too =)

  4. That's just lovely! And I really really like your bike necklace, too! :)

  5. aww thanks everyone for the love!

    & Lilah, my bike necklace is from Aldo & I adore it too =)

  6. Oh wow, this is such an awesome tip.

    xo erica

  7. Clara, I took that silver cross from Ethiopia that you like so much, and decided to try it. IT was very tarnished and brown by now. I tried it first with water that wasn't boiling, and it didn't work. But then I tried it with boiling water and it worked like a dream. Yay!!!!! I'm really excited about this tip. Thanks.

    Rachel Hildebrand

  8. yay! I'm so glad it worked mama =) I was pretty amazed myself when I tested it out!


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