Sunday, 29 April 2012

weekly wrap-up : Sunday brunch and packing essentials!

Here's what I did in the week leading up to our big trip to Africa...

Sunday brunch : waffles with some very dear friends! 
it's become a tradition for our group of friends to take turns having everyone over for brunch, 
which must consist of pancakes or waffles, after church. It's wonderful!!

went out & voted for the provincial elections... won't be saying who I voted for though ;)

finished my last final for this school year! & yes, it was a class wholly focused on John Milton...

did some journaling =) 

...had 2 wonderful boys make homemade burgers for supper one night

packed all my cameras for our trip to Kenya...

packed all my books for the flight... yes, I have slightly eclectic taste when it comes to reading material... a little Austen, because she's the absolute BEST; some political science, since there's no way I could go 3 weeks without some politics; the first Hunger Games, because apparently it's da bomb; and most importantly my Bible, cause it's the Living Truth  =)

 && got new bangs & new shades =)

andddd now we're off to Africa!! cheers!

see you all in 3 weeks =)

ps: clara ♥ 

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  1. Looks like a wonderful send off! Have an inspiring time.



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