Friday, 31 May 2013

diy : chalk & craft paper photobooth backdrop

The month of May was a pretty special time for us Hildebrands - we celebrated both mine and Caleb's birthdays, got to visit Korea, and I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts! To make our party day special & fun, I made a DIY photobooth at our home to goof off with our friends :)
All you need to make this photobooth backdrop is a roll of kraft paper, some chalk, and a roll of tape. Altogether this project cost me around $3 and it only took me around 15 minutes to put it together!

Here's what you do: tape your sheets of kraft paper to your designated photobooth wall, then start writing whatever it is that you want! I chose to simply repeat the lyrics of "Happy Birthday" over and over again to fill my wall and simply tried using different fonts.

To liven it up, I strung up a line of balloons, made a really easy tissue paper fringe garland, and tacked up a lace tablecloth as well. And voila, you've got yourself a super lovely, personal photobooth backdrop for your party!

p.s.   clara

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