Sunday, 12 May 2013

weekly-wrap-up: getting back into routine

So, the past week has been an interesting one.  My poor body is still trying to get used to manual labor, and every morning I wake up with muscles I forgot I had aching like crazy.  It does feel good to be back on the farm though, and there's nothing like putting in a solid day of work!  The weather has also been quite confused, and thought that it was July for a bit....and I have the tanlines to prove it!  Unfortunately, it seems to have remembered that it is actually May, and we have rain forecasted for the next week. Oh well!

Since I've been working in the fields all day (usually covered in dirt), I haven't had too much time to take any pictures.  So here's a quick summary of what Jordyn and I were up to in Vancouver when she came out to visit for the last time before helping me move home!

We picked up the free Tegan and Sara tickets that Jordyn won.  Yahoo!!!

And we just had to indulge in Babylon Cafe one last time.  Man, that place is just so good!

 Totally hilarious photobomb by the guy behind me, no?

I also had bought a groupon for high tea at a fondue place downtown....and their only reservation that we were able to take was at 10:15pm!!  We laughed about it, and said that it would be a night to remember...and it definitely was!  Our deal came with a specialty tea drink, as well as a double decker fondue platter, complete with cheese and chocolate for dipping.  It was heaven!

Of course we just had to stop at the beach on our last night there.  It was a gorgeous combo of dark clouds rolling in, and a brilliantly bright setting sun which lit up the skyline. 


  1. can't get over that guy photobombing your picture.


  2. The last two photos are sweet!


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