Sunday, 11 August 2013

weekly wrap-up : finallyyyy, a reunion!

This past week, I had the joy of visiting with Kelsey + Jordyn in BC!! Finally, the p.s. heart girls were united! :) We had a ridiculously amazing time (as you can see in the picture above...hehe)  + we took a million photos, did more thrifting than was probably healthy for my wallet, went to Bard on the Beach, hit up Fort Langley, ate so much good food I won't have to eat for a week, and in general we just partied it up. 

Best. Week. Ever.

Keep your eyes peeled from more photoshoots that we did together, but for now, enjoy this little peek into our fun-packed week together!

And because we like to keep it classy....

p.s.   clara ( + kelsey + jordyn )

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