Sunday, 25 August 2013

weekly wrap-up: music + found things

I had a lot more photos to share about my week than what's on this post, and sadly the reason I'm not sharing them is because I made the silly mistake of DELETING them ALL! :( :( :(  *palm to face*  I had a wedding to photograph yesterday, so of course I'm cleaning out my memory cards, and of course, I deleted all my photos of hitting up some local food trucks, going to Edmonton's wonderful Fringe Festival and watching amazing street performers as well as stage performances, andddd yeah. They're gone. The only thing I can be thankful for is that I didn't delete any clients' photoshoots.

That being said. I did have a lovely week. I didn't delete these photos of the lovely and wonderfully talented Daniela Andrade (check out her youtube channel -> here!), and I finished editing my first ever Canadian Rockies wedding! So enjoy the little snippets of my week while I mourn the photos that I lost... Speaking of lost things... there's also some photos of lost then found things that I took while visiting Kelsey in BC  :)

I love quotes. Words are so powerful and beautiful and I am totally a quote-hoarder/seeker/lover. If you look back on my journals, from childhood to now, there are quotes everywhere! From books I love, people in my life who inspire me, song lyrics, poems, my favourite movies... seriously, I even have a notebook that's just dedicated to quotes. & Yes, I was an English minor. So this little obsession of mine makes total sense. 

Anyways, this quote from Helen Keller has always inspired me, so I just had to put it to a photo I took while shooting my first Canadian Rockies wedding at Lake Louise! :) Hope you enjoy. And please, please, pleaseeeee go check out my photography blog, like my facebook page, and leave me some love!

p.s.   clara

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  1. love these last two bridal photos. gorgeous.



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