Friday, 6 September 2013

diy : washi tape clothespin magnets

I saw this cute and simple DIY first at my dear friend's house while visiting, so I knew I just had to share it on the blog! As an avid lover of washi tape, this DIY is seriously wonderful.  
What You Need:  washi tape, a glue gun, scissors clothespins, and magnet strips
1. Cut out your washi tape to fit your clothespins. 
2. Tape on your strips of washi tape. Mix it up! I mixed up two different types of washi tape to make my clothespins more festive :)
3. Glue gun on your magentic strips to the back of your clothespins
4. Let dry, then enjoy your new fridge magnets!
Aren't they lovely? I left some without magnets to use as well and I just love how this simple DIY really brightens up my fridge and my photo wall! Enjoy :)

p.s.   clara

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  1. I was looking for articles on uses of washi tape and I came across yours inspiring read. You indeed gave me some interesting ideas. Thanks man!


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