Sunday, 15 September 2013

weekly wrap-up: photography projects and a milkshake

I won't lie... this past week has really been all about photography. It seems like all I've done is taken photoshoots and then spent hours upon hours editing wedding after wedding after engagement session after newborn session after more weddings... if it sounds like I'm a little tired of editing, it's cause I AM. 

But I still love it! 

But because it's driving me crazy, I indulged and had a milkshake. And it was awesome. And I could probably have milkshakes every day, if a) I could afford it financially and b) if my teeth weren't so sensitive! 

Anyways, back to the point. This milkshake saved my life this week. 

And now, here's some of the photography I've been editing, since I literally have nothing else to show for this week cause I've spent the majority of it cooped up in my office editing, or at work, or taking more photography sessions... sorry for repeating myself, but seriously! This was what my week looked like: finished up this adorable couple's engagement session..

Literally, JUST finished editing this unique couple's wedding!
Yesssssss - 1 down, only 3 more to go.... 

And then I had the awesome privilege of working with Chantilly Lace Designs again for her brand new launch of her kids line of hair accessories! We did a little victorian tea party with some precious little princesses, who despite these serious photos were SO ecstatic to be models!
And I could go on and on with sneak peeks from more photography projects... but that wouldn't be fair to my clients, so that's all! Have a great week, dear friends :)
p.s.   clara

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