Saturday, 7 September 2013

style post : red hot lips

So this isn't really much of an outfit post, since all of these photos are headshots.... but I just had to share this amazing mini portrait session I had with Kelsey when I was visiting her in BC. This girl is a true beauty - inside and out! I can't believe how blessed I am to have her in my life and she's probably my favourite subject to photograph. 


This girl is drop. dead. gorgeous.

Wouldn't you agree? 
p.s.   clara ( & kelsey)


  1. Love this! You are so beautiful! What kind of software do you use for editing your photos? I'm in love!

    1. Thanks Emma! I use Lightroom + Photoshop for editing photos :) & in Lightroom I use VSCO film and Red Leaf presets to help with my editing process.

  2. Gorgeous photographs, she looks like a film star, glossy hair & soft skin!



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