Saturday, 10 May 2014

wanderlust: long island, new york

Oh wanderlust... I adore that you led me to the beautiful beaches of Long Island, New York, and yet I hate that I'm never sated and I'm always longing for another adventure as soon as my feet are on home soil. Although my love of travel and adventure often has me feeling restless, on the beaches of Long Island, New York, all I felt was peace and stillness. 

Miles and miles of glorious, white, sandy beach, protected and preserved by the state. 
Who knew that such peace could be found in New York, of all places? 
The stark contrast to Manhattan was stunning - that such natural beauty could exist next to such a thriving metropolis seemed contradictory and out of place, and yet, these photos don't lie. 

I present to you, part one of my New York adventures...

p.s.   clara


  1. Beautiful pictures! It all looks so peaceful and finding peaceful natural places right next to a metropolis is the best thing.

    x Giada | Miel Café

  2. I love your poetryish style of explaining the beaches of New York. And your pictures are so peaceful and artsy. Love it. Thanks for giving us a window into your time there.


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