Tuesday, 13 May 2014

outfit post: long island beach days

Beach days are glorious days.

There's so much freedom and I adore how the ocean is both so wild and peaceful... 
There's nothing quite like it in this world. Not to mention the sand. All that beautiful, soft, white sand! Is there anything better?

Maybe the prairies..... 

Hah! Who am I kidding, as much as I love my city, I would move in a heartbeat if Caleb and I were ever called to live near the ocean. But until then, I'll just be dreaming of Long Island's beautiful beaches and be thankful that there is beauty in every landscape, even in the prairies.
mustard flats: thrifted
leggings: costco  /  skirt: urban outfitters  /  t-shirt: thrifted  /  chambray shirt: garage  /  belt: thrifted

p.s.   clara

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