Friday, 23 May 2014

wanderlust: manhattan, new york

"A hundred times have I thought New York is a catastrophe,
and fifty times: it is a beautiful catastrophe."
- Le Corbusier

Manhattan truly felt like the most beautiful catastrophe. Powerful skyscrapers, historic brick crumbling, gleaming windows, broken glass, industrial sectors, the green heart of the city, glamourous broadway lights, hundreds of hopeful dreamers wanting to create beauty, and all the different tastes of the world vying to be the "world's best." 

It is a city of contradictions, where the artist has painted every colour onto his canvas, and somehow, instead of the colours blending into a dark, ugly brown - each colour stands vibrant and beautiful. Unique. Bold. Chaotic. And wholly unapologetic.

The most beautiful and exciting catastrophe that I've ever had the pleasure of seeing.

Give me such shows - give me the streets of Manhattan!
- Walt Whitman

My mama has been taking me to broadway musicals from the time I was 5. I still remember driving into Toronto, annoyed that I was all dressed up in stockings and dresses, but so excited to be going to watch shows like, Phantom of the Opera, the Lion King, and Les Miserables. I have my mama to thank for instilling my love for beauty - in music, dance, costuming, and stories. 

So this time, I had the pleasure of taking her out to Cinderella in Times Square, and then of course, she simply had to reciprocate, and we also saw Matilda! If you can, Matilda is an absolute MUST SEE! The talent of the children, the British humour, the creativity behind every song... it was just splendid!
And this next set of photos are for Kelsey, who asked me to visit the Butcher's Daughter if I could! It was such a darling cafe - and the juice that I bought was AMAZING. So amazing that it was in fact a whole, whooping $9 for a small bottle... oh my. I still say it was worth it. Now if I could only get my new home looking like this cafe....

p.s.   clara


  1. great photos! It sounds like a lovely trip :)

  2. i love photos <3333

  3. I love your photos :)

    One kiss

  4. Great photos from a amazing trip! Lovely post for sure :) xx

  5. these are all stunning! I NEED TO GO TO NEW YORK!!
    and I love that you went to the Butcher's Daughter for me <3 those photos look incredible...what a gorgeous shop!!!


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