Sunday, 9 September 2012

weekly wrap-up : hello edmonton

This week I had a wonderful time exploring Edmonton, eating good eats, and spending time with dear friends =]

 Enjoying an evening by our favourite fishing spot by the river near our apartment...

Hitting up the Labour Day Re-Match of the Stamps vs. Eskimos... Yeah Stamps! 

nom nom noms.

Love late evenings playing intense games of Settlers with good friends =]
Kirsten had a crazy number of knights!

Took these photos and had a blast doing it! I had the shock of a lifetime when a couple who contacted me for an engagement shoot showed up in WEDDING clothes and told me they had decided to elope! SO CRAZY! And such an honour!

& lastly, I picked these pretty yellow flowers from the river valley to brighten up our apartment! 

And yes, my last year of school has started...but that's really not so noteworthy ;) So I'll end here.
Hope you all had a lovely week as well!

p.s.   clara

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  1. Looks like you had a good week :) love the picture of you and Caleb!


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