Saturday, 22 September 2012

outfit post : last days of summer

Yes, yes, I is actually the first day of fall. But the weather here in Edmonton has been soo wonderfully lovely that I'm having a hard time thinking summer is actually over!
So here it is, my last summery outfit post of the year.
cardigan : my mama's closet =]   |   tank top : american eagle  |   shorts : forever XXI   
& this lovely snitch necklace is from a dear friend of mine...isn't it just wonderful?!

Happy 1st day of fall and so long sweet summer!

 ♥ clara


  1. I love that picture of you where you are bending over. It shows your sweetness.

    Mama H

    1. thanks mama! I love that you post on our blog & leave us such awesome comments =] it's so encouraging

  2. My boyfriend lives in Edmonton and he just can't believe the weather. Here in Victoria I'm also still wearing shorts. I'm loving this extended summer.

    I love that snitch necklace. It's genius (and beautiful).


    1. oh, it's been so beautiful here and I'm sure even more so in Victoria! & isn't it just darling? I love snitches =] Although, I think that if I played quidditch, I would've been a chaser myself... but quaffles just aren't quite as quaint... haha!


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