Friday, 7 September 2012

How to throw a Moustache Party

Today we will be providing a few simple guidelines for how to throw a successful moustache party.
(This will be most effective if you continue reading with a posh British accent!)

The first step is to have a healthy love for moustaches.

The next step is to have many wonderful friends who gift you with an endless supply of moustache novelty items, including moustaches (of course), rings, t-shirts, socks and shoes....

As well as ice cube trays so that you can cool your drinks down in style:

And cookie cutters, which allow you to provide your guests with delicious desserts!

It is also beneficial to have a wonderful older sister who will help you ice and decorate your cookies and cupcakes, cut out endless moustaches, bunting and props, and help with the general planning process.

(These adorable toppers were made by cutting out moustaches using construction paper, and then taping them to skewers!)

It is also helpful to have a loving mother who will help you pick up all the food, and arrange it beautifully for you!

If you're extremely lucky, you might even have parents who own their own slushie machine and popcorn maker and will set it up and clean it up for you!

(The moustaches on straws were made by cutting out foam moustaches, and punching a hole in the middle. Then we slid them onto straws...and voila!)

Another good idea is to have a "moustache-making station" just in case any of your guests have forgotten to grow (or bring along) a moustache of their own!

Borrowing adorable signs from friends is also highly recommended.

Having crafty friends is always helpful...and making your own props is easy (see HERE for our diy!).  And if you happen to have an entire room full of wigs, hats, costumes....that's even better!

A beautiful backyard makes the perfect location for a moustache party, especially ones complete with strings of lights everywhere...and a multitude of chairs! 

Now the most important part of throwing a successful moustache party is having truly wonderful, goofy, hilarious friends who will be silly in the photobooth you set up, and bring you the sweetest presents.

We want to thank everyone who came out to Jordyn's Moustache birthday party!  It was a blast, and wouldn't have been any fun without you all.  So, thanks again!

p.s.   kelsey & jordyn


  1. I just love this idea so much! You ladies pulled it off exceptionally.

    ps would you believe I'm related to the two cows up there?


    1. Haha you are a lucky duck!
      Thanks so much, we put a lot of work into, and it was SO worth it :)

  2. I've never seen a better mustache themed post :) This is awesome!!

  3. I'm going to link to this in my Sunday link post! This is so cool!

    1. Wow! That means a lot to us :)
      Thank you so much!


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