Thursday, 6 September 2012

diy: braided wrap bracelet

Now this diy is so ridiculously easy it hurts.  Truly.

So I was in the most amazing craft/costume/fabric store in downtown Van (called Dressew...for you locals!), when I stumbled on the sale section of the cords, trims, etc.  I loved the look and feel of this simple greyish-silver cord, and it was on sale for 20cents/meter!  

To create this braid, I first wrapped the cord around my wrist 6 times (twice for each braid strand), and then I added a few more centimeters on so that I would be able to tie it up.

Then I tied a knot at one end, and then I braided down until I reached the end.  I ended it with a double knot, trimmed one end shorter, and left the other two a bit longer in order to tie it around my wrist.

Then tie around your wrist...and enjoy!

p.s.   kelsey


  1. loveee how simple, inexpensive, and cute this is!! nicely done, kels =]

  2. Awesome photos! Did you take them all yourself?

    1. Haha...yep, that's why the ones of it on my wrist are a bit awkward :P

    2. Oh - I thought they were cool :) the angles are neat!

  3. I love this pretty addition to any outfit, up or down. So much fun!!! I'll have to find me some of that cord!


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