Thursday, 21 February 2013

diy: peter pan collar necklace

I've been obsessed with peter pan collars for a looong time, and am SO HAPPY that stores finally carry an abundance of shirts and dresses with them.  They're so sweet and feminine, and I love the extra detail they add to an outfit.

Peter Pan collar necklaces have also been popping up everywhere, however they tend to cost a bit more than I'd like to shell out at the moment....sooo, I decided to do it myself!

[This diy video from missglamorazzi  was super helpful, so check it out for a more thorough explanation!]

Although I absolutely LOVED the way the pearl collar turned out, I have to say that it ended up being quite heavy and very delicate.  Even with a good glue, the beads will still end up getting knocked just be warned!

-felt (I just picked up a pack at the dollar store)
-Aleene's tacky glue AND modpodge
-wax paper

-chalk (for drawing an outline on the felt before you cut)
-an assortment of beads, pearls, glitter, etc.

I chose to draw and cut out a few different templates to try out with various shirts and dresses in my closet.  Once I found one that I loved, I placed the template over the felt, traced around it with chalk, and cut it out.

Plain collar:
I realized that I loved the simplicity of a plain black collar, so I didn't add any further embellishments!  Once you have your collar cut out, glue a piece of ribbon to each side (see photo below).   Make sure that your ribbon pieces will easily tie into a bow/knot when attached to the collar!

Pearl collar:
For the pearl collar I chose to use an assortment of pearls that I found at Michaels!  They had strands on for 99 cents, so I chose a few different off-whites, greys and light pinks.

First, I glued larger pearls around the outside edge of the collar to create a border.  Then, I used an old paintbrush to brush glue on the rest of the collar, poured smaller pearls onto it, and pressed them down into the glue.  I love the random arrangement of colour that happened, and it saved a lot of time compared to laying each one down separately.  Let your collar dry overnight before attaching ribbon!

Glitter collar:
I had some gold glitter lying around, and just couldn't help myself.  Again, I used an old paintbrush to brush the glue over the entire collar, and then went crazy sprinkling it with glitter.  I gently shook off the excess, and retouched any areas that didn't quite get covered.  Let this dry overnight on wax paper, and brush a coat of modpodge over top to keep the glitter from getting everywhere!  Let this dry before attaching the ribbon.

And voila!  You're done!

Now these collars don't stay in place as well as one that's sewn to your shirt (duh..), so we ended up using a teeny bit of double-sided tape under the front of the collar to help it stay put!

"The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it."

-J.M. Barrie (Peter Pan)

p.s. ♥ kelsey


  1. these are so lovely! each collar looks extremely elegant. i think a lace peter pan colour on a non-lace dress would be really lovely as well :)

    1. thank you! and I LOVE that idea!! I'll be on the lookout for scraps of lace now ;)

  2. these are too cute, like both black and gold!! and great idea about the tape!! I also made my own collar necklace and true they just don't stay in place haha
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