Sunday, 10 February 2013

weekly wrap-up: our wonder world

So this week hasn't been especially exciting for me.  Hence the lack of photos.  

I was mostly doing boring school readings and house work.  Though I did get to play farmer while my parents were on vacation.  I got to feed the scary 300 lb pig, (which I thought might jump out of its pen and eat me if I wasn't careful!) answer the phone and tell people things like "Yes, you can come and drop off the electric pruners, and the post carrier is ready to be picked up.", and Kelsey and I got to wash a duck's feet!

The highlight of my week would definitely be the poetry reading I attended/helped organize at my university.  A few times a semester the English Students Association (or ESA) organizes a poetry/short story/song reading or performance called Poems, Pints and Prose.  At this even you can read or perform any kind of work that you have written yourself.  They are always a lot of fun, and we get tons of different types of people performing.

This time we had a limerick writing contest, and the books pictured above were the prizes.  I figured that books would make an appropriate prize for an event put on by English students.  So I went to Spruce Collective (my new favourite store) and picked up these wonderful books.  They had so much character, and I thought would be cool to read, as well as to look at.  They are art in more forms than one!

I hope that your week was fantastic, and that you were able to pick up some type of literature and read something meaningful!

p.s.   jordyn

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