Wednesday, 26 June 2013

bridal shower/wedding decoration ideas

Today I thought I'd share a couple of decorations that we used for the bridal shower my family hosted last weekend.  

The first idea is a "From Miss to Mrs." banner we created to be a backdrop for the bride-to-be as she opened presents!

All we did was print out each letter on a separate piece of paper (or you could do 2/page if you want it slightly smaller), and then cut each page into a triangle before hanging them on a string.  So simple, yet it had a big impact!

The second idea will take a bit more time (and planning), but was so worth it. 

I contacted the bride's fiance, and asked him if he could send me a few things that he loved about her.  He sent me five wonderfully sweet things, which I then typed out using various fonts.  Instead of buying new frames, I just stole a handful of mismatched frames we had around our house, and switched out our family pictures for the quote.  This made it such a cheap, yet personalized decoration, and I think everyone enjoyed reading each quote throughout the night!

The bride like them so much that she's decided to have them at her wedding too.  So this idea works for bridal showers, engagement parties or weddings!

p.s.   kelsey


  1. love love loveeee all the cute signs! =) you have such a great eye for detail!

  2. loved this! definitely will be using some of these soon! thanks :)

  3. I love the small details! Honestly I feel that it's the small details that make things so special! <3 LOVE!

  4. I love this. It is very good but I'll say floral decorations add double beauty to the venue.
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  5. Wonderful idea's, and i like the 2nd one very impressive.

  6. perfect banner ... "From Miss to Mrs." I'd definitely think about it ;)
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  7. Lovely ideas, specially that small quotations are very touchy.Thanks for sharing such an wonderful ideas with us.

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