Wednesday, 5 June 2013

new design!

We are so excited to have our new design up and running!  

One of my very favorite parts is our new photo indices....which you can check out in the tabs above.  I think they just make it so much easier to see everything we've posted.  

Clara handpainted most of our buttons and hearts you see around here, as we wanted to really make our blog feel more personal.  I handled most of the coding, and gosh that stuff makes my head spin!  But we are so proud of what we've accomplished, and we hope you like it.

Take a look around, and tell us what you think!

p.s.   kelsey & clara

p.s.s. A spiffy new about us page is on its way!


  1. I love your new design! The watercolor details are so pretty. And the colors are gorgeous. xx. McKenna Lou

    1. Thank you thank you! We are so ridiculously excited about it :)

  2. Love the watercolours! I'm a sucker for those designs.

    1. thanks Jessica! I'm totally obsessed with how fresh & lovely watercolours are too

  3. love it, i think it looks so great.
    love the colors.



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