Saturday, 22 June 2013

outfit post : photography days.

Every girl needs a go-to little black dress and as a photographer, I definitely own several for the weddings I shoot so that I'm not wearing out the same one. (Honestly though, it's just an excuse so that I can keep buying more cute black dresses.) This is one that I picked up in Korea :) Actually.... my whole outfit is from Korea - the dress, the blazer, and my peep-toe shoes.

I've also attached my newly vamped photography site to the bottom of this post, so please go check it out and leave some lovin'! The photo of the bride is from the last wedding I took and I think I'm in love with her lace jacket - gorgeous!

p.s.   clara

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  1. haha...yep, us girls will take any excuse to buy new dresses!
    and I love the location you're in! where did you find it? I need to come visit you when there isn't snow around :P


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