Thursday, 25 July 2013

diy : simple, no-sew lace headband

I love lace. This may be highly apparent to you, since us ladies at p.s.heart have a rather overwhelmingly large number of posts that include lace...and really, we're totally guilty of a slightly out-of-control lace obsession and we'll be the first to admit it! So there, I admit that I am a little obsessed with lace, but without this obsession, this adorable DIY wouldn't be coming your way. So really, you're welcome. Now enjoy this ridiculously simple and awesome DIY.
Supplies Needed:  lace (of course!), a couple hair elastics, and a glue gun. 
1. Measure out your lace by wrapping it around your head. (I used enough lace that it would just barely touch when I wrapped it around my head!)
2. Fold your lace over your elastics and glue gun it so that your lace is firmly folded over onto itself. Repeat this for both sides of your piece of lace. 
3. Let your glue dry, make sure your lace isn't going to just rip right off, and then voila! 

You're done. 

Yep. It's really that simple.
Again, you're welcome.
Enjoy this lovely summery accessory! 

p.s.   clara

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