Saturday, 6 July 2013

outfit post : sundrenched

As you can probably tell from my last weekly wrap-up, I had an amazing July-long weekend hanging out at the lake with family and friends! After a gorgeous, albeit extremely hot day of hanging out in the sun, we took some snapshots as the sun was setting and the end result are these beautiful, sundrenched photos. (& many thanks to my dear friend Jenna for taking these photos!) The lighting was absolutely gorgeous so I had some fun with some dear friends of mine, so check out those photos over here on my photography blog too!
sweater : korea  /  dress : forever XXI  /  sandals : birkenstocks  /  earrings : ten thousand villages  /  watch : bella 

p.s.   clara


  1. you look adorable! and the light is SO DREAMY!

    1. aww thanks dear! and I knoww, we had so much fun behind the camera with all the gorgeous light =]

  2. Hey!! really nice blog, i like it ;)
    If you have time, please listen to my music.. and if you like it you
    can put it in your blog!! That would mean alot to me!! :)
    Cheers Martin´

    1. thanks Martin! We'll definitely have to check out your music :)

  3. Beautiful you and the light is just so perfect on you. I also like that you wearing the pull over on the off shoulder dress.

  4. oh wowww, these photos seriously ARE gorgeous! i love how she captured the sunlight in just the corner. it makes it look so wonderfully summery. and i love how you layered the loose knit over your dress!

    xo Marlen
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