Saturday, 13 July 2013

outfit post: mustard and lace

If you've been following along with us for even a short amount of time, then you'll be aware of our borderline insane lace obsession.  We just can't help it!  Lace is just so pretty and feminine...I can't get enough of it.

{pssst!! there's a bow in the back of my, you know, it's totally different from my other white lace shirts, right?}

And I totally have a crush on mustard.  A hardcore crush. It's just the bomb.  I know some girls have a hard time finding the perfect shade of yellow for their skin tone...and I've found that wearing it as a bottom (so it's away from your face) is an easy way to open up new colours to you!  Or, if you're like me, you just keep buying mustard coloured things because you like them...and don't actually look to see if they're flattering or not.  Haha. Oh well!

 shirt: charlotte russe // skirt: target // shoes: shine (a little local vancouver shop)

I'm so in love with these lovely, long, warm Summer evenings we're having....I don't want them to stop!

Jordyn and I trekked up to the back of one of our fields to take these photos, and I was amazed again at the gorgeous place we get to call home.  Man are we blessed!

I would probably wear a crown braid every day of my life if I had the patience for it.  I just love them!

p.s.   kelsey


  1. you look stunning in that red lipstick!

  2. hellooooo gorgeous! I adore your outfit, your crown, your lipstick...everything!! & I can't wait to see it all in person =)

  3. i love your hair, i love your outfit, i love all of it.


  4. Hi Ladies,

    I just found your blog and it's too cute! I love this braided hair you have a tutorial on how to do this?


    1. We're so glad to hear that! :) And I'm actually working on posting a few hair tutorials in the next few weeks, so I'll add this one to the list!


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