Friday, 11 May 2012

outfit of the day : red pants

Today's star is: Red pants!!  I am absolutely in love with coloured pants.  I have red, blue, purple and turquoise (as well as a super fetch pair of leopard pants, Kelsey refuses to be seen in public with me when I wear them), but these red ones probably stand out the most.

So while taking photos Kelsey told me to do something cool... this is cool right?
Look at that, um, technique?

If it hasn't been said yet, I also love robots!! Kelsey got this robot necklace for me and it always makes me happy when I wear it.

Red pants are where it's at!  I am savouring the time while these are still in style, but I know I will still wear them even when they aren't.  What is your favourite crazy fashion trend?

ps: jordyn ♥ 


  1. I adoreeee your pants!!! & your robot necklace... this whole post is totally all *jordyn*!

  2. I love red pants but never knew how to wear them! They look awesome! And the robot necklace is totally adorable. :)


    1. You just have to go for it! When I bought them I had no idea what to wear them with, but then I realized that tons of stuff I already had went with them. I usually pair it witha an equally colourful shirt, or sometimes just a plain black jacket with a colourful scarf or something!


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