Wednesday, 2 May 2012

thrifty days : what a hoot !

My wonderful husband took me thrifting the other day (before we left for Africa!) and I found these adorable vintage porcelain, owl food containers that I am absolutely in LOVE with.
For only $7.99 for the whole set, it was a total steal! 
Now, I just have to figure out what I want to fill them up with... any suggestions?
Sittin' pretty on my shelf with my collection of teapots. 

Aren't they a hoot? ;)

ps: clara ♥


  1. They are so adorable :) You should fill them up with tea!!

    1. I was totally thinking that! Maybe one with tea, one with coffee beans, and one with sugar... =)

    2. That would be so cute! I know one of my friends makes her own vanilla sugar, so any time she has leftover (or scraped out) vanilla beans she throw it into a little jar with sugar! That would be handy, and you could use it in your coffee and tea :)

    3. ooooh, I really really like that idea! thanks, as soon as I'm home, I'm doing it!


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