Monday, 28 May 2012

weekly wrap-up : 21 days in 12 photos.

I'm baaaackk!! After a 3-week long trip to Africa, I am finally back in Canada! 
It was a WONDERFUL, life-changing, exciting, and beautiful trip and I can't wait to share more about it with you all =)  So instead of a traditional "weekly wrap-up", I thought I'd share a photo journey of I've been these last three weeks & what I've been up to on the other side of the world...
We had a 19-hour layover in London on the way to Africa, so Caleb & I hit up some sights =)
I was sorely tempted to buy these... but settled for a photo instead.
Had a short layover in Zurich then after being in transit for over 24 hours, we finally reached our final destination: Nairobi, Africa!! 
Led a bible study at an orphanage in Nairobi with the most wonderful kids! 
Befriended this precious little girl & her baby brother in the small village of Korr in Northern Kenya... 
Hung out with some Rendille women in the village... aren't they gorgeous?! (& my sincere apologies for the partial nudity, but in northern Kenya, it's really inevitable...)
We straddled the Tanzanian - Kenyan border & were in two places at one time,
 just like they do in A Walk to Remember.. =)Went on an African Safari & saw TONS of cats... including a pride of 20 lions, 2 cheetahs, and even 2 leopards (which are one of the rarest animals to see on a safari!)
Not only did we see a crazy amount of animals, we also ate a few interesting ones on an adventurous dinner date. Our menu included: ostrich, crocodile, and ox testicles...yes, you read correctly. I ate ox testicles like they do in Fear Factor episodes... & I would definitely NOT recommend them to you ever.
Then we said goodbye to Kenya and spent a couple days in Zurich, Switzerland! (can you make out the alps in the distance? they were GORGEOUS)
&& finally, we arrived back in Edmonton, Alberta safe and sound, where a friendly face (our good friend Janelle) was waiting for us at the airport! 
Our final destination = our bed. 

Despite how much we enjoyed our trip & LOVE Africa, after being in transit for days, 
our bed felt glorious! It feels good to be back home =) 

But keep an eye out for a more in-depth wanderlust post on what I was up to in Kenya! 
There's just sooo much more to share & I can't wait to share my experiences with ya'll.  

ps: clara ♥ 


  1. Man, those pictures are amazing!!!!!!! I am so thrilled that you saw so many cats. I love the bag you bought. You guys look so happy in your pictures. I can't wait to see more.

    Mama H

  2. Those are such fantastic photos - what an amazing trip! Thanks for sharing your journey!


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