Wednesday, 16 May 2012

wanderlust : spirit of adventure

Yes, I am in Africa currently, and yes, I am still dreaming, thinking, hoping, talking, and breathing of more adventure in different countries, with other peoples, eating strange foods, 
learning new languages, experiencing beautiful cultures, and trying out anything new! 

(& to give myself a little credit, I did write up this post before I left for Africa...)

I love my life, I really do, but life is so much better when every day is an adventure. 
Check out this short video by NIKE it's sooo inspiring and wonderful and I just want to get up, grab a pack, head over to the airport, and go on an adventure now! Luckily, I'm sitting in the Nairobi airport about to head to Zurich for 2 days, so I can fulfill this desire NOW! (&& lots more posts to come about my trip as soon as I'm back home in Canada!)

How do you "make it count?" 

One of my favourite pixar movies is "UP" & I adore that it's all about the spirit of adventure, new discoveries, and big, BIG, BIG dreams. Plus, Ellie and Karl are the cutest animated couple ever!

Where would your "spirit of adventure" take you in the world?

ps: clara ♥ 

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