Sunday, 6 May 2012

weekly wrap-up: goodbye vancouver!

Last weekend Jordyn kindly volunteered to drive into Vancouver to help me move out of my apartment!  We decided to make a weekend out of it, and had a ton of fun running around Vancouver enjoying a few of our favorite spots before I moved home for the Summer.

First stop was Arbutus Coffee! A lovely little cafe that we had wanted to try out all year, but never got around to it.   It was super cute, and we can't wait to visit there again!

We also visited downtown, did some shopping.....and snacking.

I took Jordyn to one of my favorite stores....Gourmet Warehouse!  A massive store filled with all sorts of kitchen goodies, including Le Creuset bakeware, specialty food items, and more.  

We were slightly disturbed when we found bacon each their own I guess!

We also visited our favorite frozen yogurt place, which is just a short walk from my apartment!  You get to choose what flavour and the size of your yogurt, and then get to put your own toppings on.  There are games and a foosball table there, and is such a cute place to hang out!

We made THIS cast iron pan banana bread!

On our last day in Vancouver we walked to Granville Island, which is the sweetest place with an amazing market, tons of workshops and shops of local artists, and a variety of cute stores.  

We didn't intend to have breakfast there....but when we saw they were having a crepe special we couldn't resist!

{update: click HERE for our favorite crepe recipe!}

Granville Island is located right on the water, and is one of my favorite places to go for fish 'n chips!

Now we're home, and are so excited to be able to work together on future projects and have many adventures in in the kitchen.  Hope you all had a lovely week!

ps: kelsey & jordyn ♥


  1. You are too precious. Looked like a lovely time. Mmmmm so much yummy food as well!


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