Thursday, 12 July 2012

diy : lace & burlap mason jars

While I was visiting in BC, Kels & I helped the bride-to-be (the lovely miss Jenna) make some diy lace & burlap mason jars for center pieces & decoration for the aisle for the ceremony.  Here's the result of our hard work!

Supplies needed : wire, lace, burlap, jute, mason jars, glue gun, and floral decals

Kelsey slaving away while the bride looks on.... ;) This project is fantastic because there's really no right or wrong way to make these. Just use some creativity and start glue gunning away on your jars!

Some of the results of our hard work! Aren't they lovely?  Fill them with flowers, drop a tea light in them, or just leave them empty, whatever you do with these they're sure to add a special vintage touch to any celebration =)

An example of the ones we added a little wire hanger to so that they can hang off the aisle chairs at the ceremony. They're going to be so lovely at the wedding!

&& lastly, here's some examples of mason jar centerpieces that I made for my wedding last June...

Hoped you enjoyed being part of my mason jar obsession!

ps: clara (&kelsey) ♥


  1. Hi! This is such a lovely idea. Can you recommend a place to buy the supplies you mentioned and the mason jars? Is there something online? Would love to do the same for my own wedding.

    1. Thanks!
      Any craft store will definitely have all of the supplies you'll need, so Michaels, Jo-Ann Fabric store, and Hobby Lobby are good spots to check well as local craft stores. Walmart, Target, and dollar stores may also be good places to search too!

      For mason jars, thrift stores are the best and cheapest place to find them. Although Dollar Tree online has a 12-pack for 12 dollars, so that would be great too (and then they'd all match). Or Walmart and Canadian tire both carry packs of them as well =)

      Good luck! And happy wedding planning!


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