Saturday, 28 July 2012

sister style: a lace affair

I (being Clara) became friends with Kelsey during my first year at University of British Columbia while living at Menno Simons Centre, a Christian community house a little ways off campus. When I first met  "the little sister" (aka Jordyn) on a visit to Kelsey's farm in Abbotsford, I was struck immediately by the differences in these two girls. 

Kelsey is the classic brown-eyed, honey golden haired beauty who is soft-spoken, gentle and just simply lovely... & Jordyn is her polar opposite. White blonde hair with bright baby blue eyes, this girl is full to brim with energy and spunk! 

These two have definitely earned their names as: the romantic baker & the quirky videographer. 

However, I quickly learned that despite their differences, these girls are thick as thieves and compliment each other so well, bringing out the best in each other. Truly, these two are a perfect sister match =)

Aren't they the cutest in their matching lace dresses from Urban Outfitters? I seriously just love these two soooo much! They have such a beautiful friendship / "sister-ship" and they have so much fun together...makes me wish I had a sister of my own! Good thing I've been adopted as the "asian sister"!   - teehee- 

aaaand of course we had to throw in this one cause it shows the blogging world what Kelsey looks like with her classic scrunched up, "I'm so very displeased with you but don't know how to actually look angry" face & Jordyn in the background looking as exuberant as ever cause...well, she's just Jordyn! ;)

Doing what they're best at...Kelsey with her vintage camera & Jordyn with her vintage video camera.

p.s.  clara , kelsey & jordyn ♥

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