Sunday, 8 July 2012

weekly wrap-up : instagrams

This past week has been insanely busy for me! To kick it off, Caleb & I went backpacking in the gorgeous mountains of Kananaskis and had an absolute blast celebrating our one-year anniversary which I blogged about here.
I look pretty hardcore, don't I? Sadly, we didn't actually catch any fish =(
I also made another DIY summer fedora with some leftover ribbon from our wedding & another hat I found at the dollar store =)
I also had the pleasure of meeting & hosting the lovely Calgary blogger, Celine, of the Driftwood Diaries. She's such an inspiration & so wonderfully creative! Blogger, musician, artist, and master of words, this girl is amazing & I'm excited about our new budding friendship =) She played us a song that she had written for a wedding in Edmonton and I absolutely fell in LOVE with this girl. So much beautiful raw talent!

This week marked the beginning of my summer job as a tennis instructor, I'm sooo excited!! & very happy to say my first week was amazing!

& because it was absolutely gorgeous with a lovely high of 30 degrees, Caleb & I took our boat out to Lac St. Anne, where I had a very relaxing time reading & modeling my new fedora while Caleb fished his heart out aaand...caught nothing. Poor boy. 

I also made a little furry friend while stopping by the University of Alberta campus =)

And lastly, my week ended with Caleb waking me up at 3 am this morning to go and investigate all the sirens that he had woken up to. We found over 20 emergency vehicles surrounding an apartment that caught on fire only a block away from ours! Thankfully the fire was mainly contained to one unit and only 4 were injured with non-critical injuries.

It made me so thankful to all the hardworking men & women who bravely risk their lives for others. 

Looking forward to what the next week will bring~

ps: clara 


  1. Looks fun! The mountains are gorgeous :)

    Erin @

    1. why thanks! although it is a bit of a trek for us to make it to the mountains, we definitely live in a beautiful country :)

  2. This is darling! I can't wait to get out to Kananaskis this coming weekend! You just made me twice as excited!


    1. I hope you have a lovely weekend in Kananaskis! I LOVE it there, it never disappoints

  3. I'm from down in the U.S. and I've, sadly, only been to Canada once in my life, but wow! Those mountain shots are incredible!! My hubby and I have got to visit Canada sometime soon.

    1. yes, yes you do!! =) the Rockies are absolutely wonderful!

  4. Looks like you guys had a great week (other than the fire :S ).
    I absolutely love your fedoras! I am for sure going to make a couple for myself. I bought a bunch of feathers that were on sale at Michaels this week :) I think buttons would be cute too!


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