Monday, 23 July 2012

Where have we been?

Some of you may be wondering where in the world we've been for the past few days since we haven't exactly been keeping up with our regular posts. 

The answer is.....A WEDDING!!!

One of our dearest friends, Jenna, got married yesterday so we've been running around helping with last minute things, taking her out for her bachelorette party, decorating the venues, "rehearsing" for the big day, and most importantly....participating in her wedding!

{here we are with Jenna at her bachelorette....and the lovely lady on the right is another 
bridesmaid, named Jordan!}

Clara and I were both so honoured to be able to stand up for this lovely lady, and Jordyn was the videographer for the big day!

(Keep an eye out for their gorgeous wedding video, which will be posted here sometime in the next few weeks.)

Here are a few instant photos I managed to take throughout the day:

And here are a few behind the scenes photos that Jordyn managed to capture in between video shots!

Here's their stage made of pallets, with adorable bunting decorating the trees behind it.

Clara did all of the writing on the chalkboards that decorated the different 'stations', and they looked amazing!  That girl has such a talent for fonts!

And the above photo was taken by Jordyn (edit by me) on a gorgeous beach where the official photographers (the Nickersons....who were so wonderful, so go check out their blog!) were taking pictures.  It was so beautiful, but very difficult to walk in the sand!

We had an absolutely wonderful weekend, and are so ecstatic for Jenna and Travis!

ps:  kelsey, {jordyn and clara}  ♥


  1. This is such a lovely post. I love the photos of ALL of you gals. It is so special to have that of all of you. I would love a copy!

  2. Great photos...looks like a beautiful day!


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