Sunday, 29 July 2012

weekly wrap-up: a wedding weekend and back to routine

What a crazy and wonderful week I've had!

Here's an official photo from the wedding!  The Nickersons were the photographers for the wedding, and were so much fun!  They are a husband and wife team, and were pros at making everyone feel so comfortable!  Check out a few more photos from their sneak peek HERE....and we'll be sure to post a link once all of the final photos are up!

The rest of this week has been extremely low key.  I was sick for a few days with a very strange migraine/dizzy situation....and then it was back to farm work.

I had a super nerdy moment while weed-whacking our cornfield.... I found part of a tail light for one of my dad's tractors, and since I had no pockets I just shoved it into my harness.  I may or may not have felt a little bit like Ironman...

(please don't judge me.)

I've also been using my instant camera and holga like crazy!  I must say that the expense of film really makes you think about each shot so much more than digital does.  I line everything up and make sure it's perfect before pressing the shutter...and when it pays off it's so worth it.

My mom picked up some salted caramel biscotti from Costco, and boy is it good.  I love the crunch of the biscotti, the slight chewiness of the caramel, the sweet taste of chocolate, and finally a hint of salt to top it off!

And so my obsession with salted caramel fact I'm eating some as I'm writing this!

I hope you've all had a lovely week!

p.s.  kelsey  ♥


  1. Those biscottis... Look so good!! I've been wanting to get a Polaroid-esque camera recently. There's something really special and unique about film.

    1. Do it! I am so in love with mine...and it's been so wonderful to be able to document life in such a fun and unique way :)

  2. I love that salted caramel biscotti!!! My mom also picked it up form costco and I think I've eaten all of it.



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