Monday, 9 July 2012

past and present

When Clara was out for a visit, I asked her if we could recreate some old photos of Jordyn and I from when we were young, and she said yes!  We tacked this onto the end of a sister photoshoot (keep an eye out for this's coming soon!), and the results are too funny!

Every other Summer, my mom would buy a roll of black and white film and take photos of my sister and I, as well as two of our cousins (perhaps we'll tackle some of those recreations during their next visit!).  

These are some of my absolute favorite photos from my childhood, and she always had us do the cutest poses.

I hope you enjoyed this mini-blast from the past!

ps: kelsey 


  1. hahah these are awesome! so glad they turned out well, it was so fun shooting you guys and recreating these memories =) you two are the best!!

  2. This is so cute. I love this idea.



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