Thursday, 18 October 2012

diy : cozy fall elbow patches

Today's diy comes from my love of oversized, cozy sweaters and all the adorable elbow patches I've been seeing lately on pinterest, my campus, and fashion magazines! 
All you need are: a cozy cardigan, extra fabric, some thread, a needle, scissors, and a cardboard heart cut-out! I purchased my cardigan & red fabric at the local thrift store, so this project ended up being under $10 =]
First, use your heart cut-out to draw on a heart on your coloured fabric. Then line it up approximately with where your elbow should be on your cardigan (Sorry the order of my photos are mixed up!)

And secondly (&lastly), start sewing! This project doesn't require a sewing machine, any crazy sewing skills, or a lot of time. I didn't worry about how accurate my stitches were and still loved how it turned out. Messy and cute and totally original.

And you're done! That's it, so simple and such a cute detail to dress up any plain cardigan and cozy it up!

Stay warm, friends!

p.s.   clara


  1. This is so lovely! I can't wait to revamp one of my old cardigans :)

  2. This is adorable! Great job :)

  3. Awww how cute. I <3 this diy idea!

  4. thanks all you lovelies! & if any of you do try this diy out, send us a photo!

  5. These are so adorable!! Kelsey and I will have to have a craft day soon :)

  6. hi sweete! I love it! It's a fantastic idea! I follow you now! :) Also I have a blog about DIY and it would be amazing if you like it and follow me back ^^ Nice week!


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