Sunday, 14 October 2012

weekly wrap-up: birthdays and brits

My dear friend Jorica and I had "birthday breakfast" together at Provence in Vancouver, which is a lovely restaurant located right on the seawall!  Our birthdays are exactly two weeks apart, and it was nice to get together for breakfast and a walk!

 (their roasted potatoes are the best I've ever had!)

I love the above almost looks like we're floating in the sky! 

We've been so blessed by SO MANY wonderfully sunny Fall days here in Vancouver!  However the rain did start this weekend, so I'm hoping that it doesn't stick around for long. (Although I was secretly happy to be able to legitimately wear boots and not be sweltering!)

I was also able to see Ed Sheeran perform at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre last week.....and he put on an AMAZING show!  I was truly blown away by his musicality and artistry on stage.  If you haven't heard of him, I encourage you to give him a listen!

p.s.   kelsey


  1. awww I wish I could've been there to celebrate your birthday with you! But it looks like you had a lovely week & I especially love your floating in the clouds photo & the last one =]

    love you & another happy birthday to the loveliest, most romantic baker I know! miss you lots.

  2. Hi ladies! I have just discovered your amazing blog through the wonderful world of pinterest and I am in love! You all have such different and amazing styles of blogging plus the added bonus of a recipe of two, I love to bake! Just wanted to say 'hi' and keep up the good work! Rebecca x

    1. aww..thank you rebecca! comments like this make us so so happy!

  3. That last shot is unbelievable. Makes me miss going to shows all the time.


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