Thursday, 25 October 2012

diy: simple headband

I was wandering the many aisles of Dressew (the most wonderful CHEAP art/craft/fabric store in downtown Vancouver), when I stumbled upon a beautiful roll of trim.  It was a soft blush colour with delicate gold thread wound through it.  I grabbed the roll, wrapped the trim around my head as a measurement, and promptly went up to the counter to get it cut.  It only cost me 19 cents!!  The mennonite in me rejoiced!

And on a bit of a side note: my apartment is currently undergoing some serious construction, and we've had workers in and out of our house installing new windows, a new door, and redoing all of the trim as well.  It's been a bit frustrating, especially in cases such as this morning where they (very politely) asked if my roommate and I could leave while they finish up.

So, at 8:30am I left my house with my backpack (full of books), dslr, laptop, and approximately three dozen cupcakes (for a halloween party later this evening).  I volunteer in the late morning/early afternoon, and didn't have class until 3:30, so I ended up wandering down to the beach.  

It was absolutely stunning, and the golden sunshine and salt water soon erased my bad mood.  I sat on a bench and looked out onto the water, laughed at the dogs playing in the mini tidepools, and then I took a few end shots for this headband tutorial (I got A LOT of strange looks from joggers and dog owners).  

So long story short: what seemed like a bad start to my Thursday turned into something wonderful.

p.s. I found out that it's quite difficult to take decent photos of yourself wearing a headband! hah!

-piece of trim or fabric measured out to an inch or two smaller than your around your head
-flat elastic
-needle and thread

1)  First make sure that your trim is measured out to an inch or two less than your head.  
2)  Then cut out a piece of elastic about two inches in length.
3)  Thread your needle, and measure out a bit of thread (you don't use very much! so I measured out about a foot of thread and had a lot left over!).
4)  Line up your elastic with the trim (you may need to cut your elastic to be the same width as your trim/fabric), and start sewing!  I didn't really used any special technique for this, basically just in and out from either side, until you reach the end.  Then make a few knots at the edge, and trim the thread!
5)  Repeat step 4 for the other side of the elastic.

The goal is for the headband to be slightly smaller than your head, so that when you put it on, the elastic will stretch a little...keeping it in place!

That's it!  I was so happy with how it turned out....and will definitely be keeping an eye out for more cute patterns in the future.  These would also make wonderfully cheap presents!

p.s.   kelsey


  1. This is so beautiful! Taking pictures of yourself in general is always so hard. I usually end up giving up after a few minutes :P

  2. The band is beautiful! I just bought headband in Anthropologie yesterday (my first one) and found out that it won't be too difficult to make it. Next time I'm in downtown in Vancouver, I will definitely go to that Dressew store! Thank you for the tutorial.

    1. thanks Gabi! dressew is definitely a magical place! ;)


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