Tuesday, 30 October 2012

tasty tuesday: cream puffs

Oh cream puffs. So simple, yet surprisingly finicky.  The first time I made cream puffs I had to make 3 batches until they came out right.  Yeah, that sucked.  What doesn't suck is when they come out perfectly....big, delicious, puffy balls of pastry.  

And whipped cream.  Whipped cream always wins.

To me, cream puffs taste like Summer....as it was tradition for my cousin and I to make these every year to eat while watching So You Think You Can Dance.  Every time I make them I think of her, and it makes me smile.  

These treats are seriously wonderful.  And if you just happen to dip (and scoop) your cream puffs into the bowl of whipped cream then you've found a friend in me.

Cream Puffs
from: Company's Coming by Jean Pare

1/2 cup of Butter (or margarine)
1 cup of Water
1/4 tsp of Salt
1 cup of Flour
4  Eggs

1) In a large pot, bring water and butter to a boil.  Stir in flour and salt until the mixture pulls away from the sides and forms a ball (*this step is very important).
2) Remove your pot from heat; then beat in your eggs one at a time, mixing well after each one.
3) Drop by spoonfuls onto an ungreased baking sheet (I used my Silpat).
4) Bake for 20 to 25 minutes at 425 degrees, until golden brown (and centers should be dry...not gummy).  Or 25-30 minutes if you choose to make them larger, like I did. And 10-15 minutes for the tiny ones!
5) Wait for the shells to cool, and then split them and fill them with whipped cream or pipe the whipped cream inside. (Or, if no one's looking...use them to scoop up whipped cream.)

One of the biggest problems I figured out with cream puffs is that you must make sure that you've cooked your dough enough.  That's the number one reason my batches have failed...so if you've mixed everything together, and it seems a bit runny (as in, your dough won't form decent balls on your cookie sheet without melting everywhere), then just stick your pot back on the heat until it thickens up a bit!

Another tip is to stick a toothpick into each of your cream puffs directly after they come out of the oven.  This helps let the steam escape, so you don't end up with a soggy cream puffs!

I used a small piping tip and piping bag to pipe the whipped cream into the mini ones I made.

For the larger ones, I cut them in half and just spooned the whipped cream on.  Either method is totally legit, I kind of like cutting and spooning....it has a higher whipped cream to cream puff ratio, yeah know?

Cream puffs are best served on the same day!  They tend to get a bit soggy if your store them....but if you have to, I'd recommend popping them in the freezer!

I hope you've enjoyed this week's tasty tuesday!  
Happy baking!

p.s. ♥ kelsey


  1. I am so going to make it! We have everything so this would be a great treat for my family!

    P.S This is my second favorite blog to read,

    1. wow, I seriously feel SO elated that you said that! thank you, thank you, thank you for loving our blog & following it!!! & let us know how your cream puffs turn out =]

  2. these look so wonderful! oh man, I am craving these so badly right now...also, love the photos, Kels!


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