Thursday, 11 October 2012

diy: indian corn decorations

While I was working on our farm last weekend, restocking our Indian corn display, I overheard the sweetest little girl ask her mom if we painted our corn to make it look like this!  I giggled a bit to myself, imagining how long it would take us to do that....and then I had a flash back to Alice in Wonderland where they paint the roses for the Queen!  

So, in case you're wondering, no we do not paint our corn!  And for those of you who are unfamiliar with Indian corn, it's a type of ornamental corn that grows brilliantly coloured kernels....completely naturally!

I absolutely love Indian corn!  It's so wonderfully festive, and they make for beautiful decorations. 
When we sell ours, we always leave the husks (or the "tails") of the corn on since it looks nicer...but sometimes they just fall off!  I had small collection of husk-less corn at the end of the day, and decided that they'd look cute bundled together!

First you'll need a few cobs of Indian corn.

As well as some raffia (twine) and scissors!
{optional: hot glue and glue gun}

Then I chopped off the ends of my corn, to make sure they were nice and flat, and would stand straight!

Next, I gathered them in a bunch...

...tipped them upright, and tied the twine around them super tightly!

Now here is where you may choose to use a hot glue gun!  If you want them to be a little more stable, just place a bit of hot glue along the sides of all three cobs, and hold together until the glue has cooled.  Then tie your twine around them and you're done!

I think these would make beautiful decorations, and even work as lovely Fall-themed centerpieces!

p.s.   kelsey

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