Saturday, 27 October 2012

outfit post: oxfords and elbow patches

So I found these gems amongst many a pair of scary second hand runners at Value Village.

Now they cost me a whole $8, which is a bit more than I like to spend while thrifting, but I can honestly say they were worth it!

I absolutely love the look of oxfords.  They are such a perfect fall shoe, paired with a lace dress, a cute skirt, or in this case cuffed pants!

Again, Kelsey helped me pick out this outfit.  I would never think to do cute things like layer a button up and a cardigan.

You may recognize this cardigan from Kelsey's post "fall transitions: mustard capris to pants".

Yet another matching sister outfit!!  We really need to stop shopping together, or not, since we are totally adorable when we match!

Once I went to the train station to pick Kelsey up, and we were both wearing: black skinny jeans, converse, the same shirt in different colours, the same necklace and a grey cardigan.

And no, we hadn't called each other that morning to coordinate...

I am absolutely in love with these shoes.  They are one of my new favourite fall items!
What's yours?

p.s.   jordyn

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  1. Oh I have such an oxford obsession and I'm not ashamed. I own too many. High heels and flats ;)


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