Thursday, 20 December 2012

diy : burlap bird's nest ornament

After seeing this adorable diy from A Beautiful Mess, I was just dying to make birds nest ornaments myself, so while Kelsey was visiting, we made a spin-off of Katie's original version. I am currently obsessed with burlap (and luckily I have loads and loads and loads of it!), so we made our nests out of burlap and went for a more rustic look for our ornaments. 

What you need: scissors, burlap, wire, a glue gun, jute, and little birdies. I got my birds as a pack at the dollar store & loved how they look! 

Before you start actually creating the bird's nest, you need to cut your burlap into long approximately 2-3cm wide strips. 
{ n e s t  .  i n s t r u c t i o n s } 

1. Cut a piece of wire and form a circle. 
2. Cut another piece of wire (longer this time) and start crisscrossing it around the first circle. 
3. Grab a glue gun, attach your first strip of burlap, and then start weaving your burlap in and out of the crisscrossed wires until you can no longer see the wires.
4. Glue down any loose ends, make sure that your wire nest is completely covered with burlap.
5. Glue gun your birdie into your nest.
6. With a piece of jute, create a loop and glue it down to the top of your birdie.

Aren't they just wonderful? I love this new handmade, rustic touch to our tree. These would make great Christmas gifts as well, for all of you who are scrambling with last minute gifts ;)

p.s.  ♥ clara & kelsey

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