Saturday, 22 December 2012

outfit post : a splash of mustard

Today's outfit post comes with a splash of one of my current colour obsessions: mustard! 
I love how it adds such a fun pop to outfits, drawing the eye and making you smile =]
toque : craft sale, (handmade by Kirsten Buyer for a LoveWorks Fundraiser)  
necklace : handmade and gifted to me from dear Kelsey! 
cardigan : my mom's closet, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I steal her clothes! (sorry mom, & I hope you don't see this...cause I really love your clothes and have no intention of returning any)
tank top : urban outfitters     pants & belt : joe fresh      boots : spring 
And I have to say that these have quickly become my go-to boots, I am in LOVE with these! Comfy, warm, NOT slippery (which is essential to a clumsy gal like me...), and so fun with the tribal embroidery. So, a big thanks to my man for indulging me with them =] Really, he's the best & I have to give him credit for these. 
Stay warm, friends! 

p.s.  ♥ clara


  1. sooo jealous of those boots....and so sad that I can't borrow them ;)
    you are the cutest! and you can't even tell that it was -20 degrees out!


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