Sunday, 9 December 2012

weekly wrap-up: edmonton adventures

Clara and I are having an absolute blast in Edmonton, and here's a little peek into our week!

Clara's wonderful husband, Caleb, spoiled us by making eggs benedict for us on Saturday morning!  I had actually never had it before (I know, I know....I'm a freak.  Please don't judge me.)  It was amazing though!  Definitely two thumbs up.

Clara and I have been busy thrifting laughing, crafting and baking.  The above photo is a little sneak peek of a diy coming up soon!

We also attended a Christmas banquet with our dear friend Jenna!  The night was full of food, games, trivia....and we even watched the original animated version of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas".

Next up, we headed to Five Guys, Burger and Fries for lunch after church today.  This was another new experience for me.  And man....those burgers are INCREDIBLE!!!  Let's not forget about the cajun fries....yumm-o!

Did I mention that they provide peanuts to snack on? And that you can THROW THE SHELLS ON THE FLOOR!!!  Yeah, my mind was blown.  The inner goody-two shoes in me definitely struggled to throw my first shell on the ground.  

While the temperature here has been A LOT colder than I am used to, it has been incredible!  Clara and I (and Caleb!) have braved the elements a couple of times already to do a few photoshoots....and hopefully we'll cram in a few more in the coming days!

I hope you've all had a wonderful week!  And good luck to all of those still dealing with exams!

p.s. ♥ kelsey & clara


  1. Oh man! Wish I could be there with you!!
    You girls look way too cute to be eating at a burger joint :P and the guy behind you looks like he really wanted to be in your photo!!
    Hope you are all having fun :)

  2. Breakfast looks delicious and I love Five Guys! Looks like a cute diy in the making!

    xo erica

    1. thanks erica! and yes five guys is definitely a new favorite of mine :) so good!


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