Sunday, 23 December 2012

weekly wrap-up : instagrams

My week summed up in instagrams... 
...I finally finished exams!! So long UofA till the New Year!
... opened more stocking stuffers with my man =]
...finally played (&won) Ticket to Ride with our dear friends!
...watched some glorious, cold sunrises from our balcony
...made this "oh deer" bleached tank top diy
...drank copious amounts of eggnog & coffee =]
...took our new Kia Sportage on its first mini roadtrip down to Caleb's parents place!
...fell in love with these cute candles at Indigo

...and enjoyed beautiful snowy days bundled up in knitted scarves & headbands! 

Hope your week leading up to Christmas was as lovely as mine =] 

p.s.  ♥ clara

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  1. What an amazing photo of the house.

    Merry Christmas,


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